National Football League

NFC Injuries
AFC Injuries
Arizona Cardinals
Ted LarsenG12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against San FranciscoQuestionablearm
Jonathan CooperG12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against San FranciscoQuestionablewrist
Ed StinsonDT12/16/2014is on injured reserveIRtoe
Drew StantonQB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against San FranciscoQuestionableknee
Andre EllingtonRB12/08/2014is on injured reserveIRhernia
Troy NiklasTE11/18/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Carson PalmerQB11/10/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Dave ZastudilP10/07/2014is on injured reserveIRgroin
Jonathan DwyerRB09/18/2014is on the non-football illness listOutpersonal/legal/illness
John AbrahamLB09/19/2014is on injured reserveIRconcussion
Eddie WhitleyCB08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Daryl WashingtonLB06/11/2014will miss the entire seasonSuspendeddisciplinary
Darnell DockettDT08/20/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Atlanta Falcons
William MooreS12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against CarolinaQuestionableshoulder
Steven JacksonRB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against CarolinaQuestionablequadriceps
Jon AsamoahG12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against CarolinaQuestionableback
Robert AlfordCB12/15/2014is on injured reserveIRwrist
Antone SmithRB11/17/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Lamar HolmesT09/30/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Zeke MottaS08/24/2014is on the physically-unable-to-perform listPUPneck
Mike JohnsonT08/24/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Sam BakerT08/18/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Marquis SpruillLB08/24/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Sean WeatherspoonLB06/16/2014is on injured reserveIRAchilles
Peter KonzC10/20/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Joe HawleyC09/30/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Carolina Panthers
DeAndre PresleyWR12/22/2014is on injured reserveIRconcussion
Carrington ByndomCB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against AtlantaQuestionablehamstring
A.J. KleinLB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against AtlantaQuestionableankle
DeAngelo WilliamsRB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against AtlantaQuestionablehand
Nate ChandlerG11/18/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Amini SilatoluG12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against AtlantaQuestionableknee
Chase BlackburnLB10/28/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Richie BrockelTE10/07/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Greg HardyDE09/17/2014is out indefinitelyOutpersonal
Kevin HughesT08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Kevin MatthewsC08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Edmund KugbilaG08/04/2014is on injured reserveIRback
Chicago Bears
Jimmy ClausenQB12/22/2014will miss Sunday's game against MinnesotaOutconcussion
Willie YoungDE12/22/2014will miss Sunday's game against MinnesotaOutAchilles
Robbie GouldK12/22/2014will miss Sunday's game against MinnesotaOutquadricep
Will SuttonDT12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against MinnesotaQuestionableillness
D.J. WilliamsLB12/11/2014is on injured reserveIRneck
Chris ConteS12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against MinnesotaQuestionableback
Kyle LongG12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against MinnesotaQuestionablehip
Brandon MarshallWR12/08/2014is on injured reserveIRribs
Brian de la PuenteC11/26/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Darryl SharptonLB12/13/2014is on injured reserveIRhamstring
Lamarr HoustonDE11/03/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Lance BriggsLB11/28/2014is on injured reserveIRgroin
Charles TillmanCB09/15/2014is on injured reserveIRtriceps
Matt SlausonG11/08/2014is on injured reserveIRpectoral
Zach MillerTE08/15/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Dallas Cowboys
Doug FreeT12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against WashingtonQuestionableankle
Josh BrentDT12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against WashingtonQuestionablecalf/personal
Dekoda WatsonLB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against WashingtonQuestionablehamstring
Jack CrawfordDE11/26/2014is on injured reserveIRthumb
Justin DurantLB10/29/2014is on injured reserveIRbiceps
Morris ClaiborneCB10/04/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Darrion WeemsT09/17/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Chris WhaleyDT08/10/2014is on the non-football injury listOutknee
Amobi OkoyeDT08/26/2014is on the non-football injury listOutillness
Ben GardnerDE08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Sean LeeLB07/01/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Detroit Lions
Mohammed SeisayCB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against Green BayQuestionablehamstring
Joseph FauriaTE12/10/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
LaAdrian WaddleT12/17/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Nick FairleyDT10/27/2014is expected to miss 4-5 weeksOutknee
Stephen TullochLB09/22/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Montell OwensRB09/30/2014is on injured reserveIRhamstring
Travis LewisLB10/18/2014is on injured reserveIRquadriceps
Nevin LawsonCB09/16/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Corey HilliardT09/11/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Bill BentleyCB09/09/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
T.J. JonesWR08/27/2014is on the physically-unable-to-perform listPUPshoulder
Green Bay Packers
Davon HouseCB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against DetroitQuestionableshoulder
Luther RobinsonDT12/08/2014is on injured reserveIRcalf
Jamari LattimoreLB12/13/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Kevin DorseyWR11/07/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Andy MulumbaLB09/19/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Khyri ThorntonDT08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRhamstring
Nate PalmerLB08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Aaron AdamsT08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Don BarclayT08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Jared AbbrederisWR08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
B.J. RajiDT08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRbiceps
Minnesota Vikings
Chad GreenwayLB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against ChicagoQuestionableknee
Kyle RudolphTE12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against ChicagoQuestionableankle/knee
Michael MautiLB12/10/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Anthony BarrLB12/20/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Jerick McKinnonRB12/06/2014is on injured reserveIRback
Matt CasselQB09/24/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Phil LoadholtT11/26/2014is on injured reserveIRpectoral
Adrian PetersonRB09/17/2014is out indefinitelyOutpersonal/legal
Mistral RaymondS08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRleg
Dom DeCiccoLB08/20/2014is on injured reserveIRhip
Josh SamudaG06/11/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Brandon FuscoG09/24/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Charlie JohnsonG12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against ChicagoQuestionableankle
New Orleans Saints
Pierre ThomasRB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against Tampa BayQuestionablefoot
Jamarca SanfordS12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against Tampa BayQuestionablehamstring
Terron ArmsteadT12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against Tampa BayQuestionableneck
Brodrick BunkleyDT11/27/2014is on injured reserveIRquadriceps
Brandin CooksWR11/18/2014is on injured reserveIRthumb
Vinnie SunseriS11/12/2014is on injured reserveIRarm
Austin JohnsonRB11/04/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Jairus ByrdS10/03/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Ty ZimmermanS08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Andy TannerWR08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
A.J. DavisCB07/24/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Rafael BushS11/18/2014is on injured reserveIRfibula
Glenn FosterDE10/20/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
New York Giants
Dominique Rodgers-CromartieCB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against PhiladelphiaQuestionableundisclosed
James BrewerT12/16/2014is on injured reserveIRconcussion
Rashad JenningsRB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against PhiladelphiaQuestionableankle
Terrell ManningLB12/03/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Adam SnyderG12/02/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Geoff SchwartzT12/02/2014is on injured reserveIRtoe/ankle
Mathias KiwanukaDE12/02/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Jacquian WilliamsLB12/16/2014is on injured reserveIRconcussion/shoulder
Michael CoxRB11/11/2014is on injured reserveIRleg
Peyton HillisRB11/15/2014is on injured reserveIRconcussion
Prince AmukamaraCB11/05/2014is on injured reserveIRbicep
Jon BeasonLB10/29/2014is on injured reserveIRtoe
Trumaine McBrideCB10/14/2014is on injured reserveIRthumb
Victor CruzWR10/14/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Robert AyersDE12/01/2014is on injured reserveIRpectoral
Jerrel JerniganWR09/16/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Walter Thurmond IIICB09/16/2014is on injured reserveIRpectoral
Marcus HarrisWR08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRhip
Cooper TaylorS08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Troy KropogT08/01/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
David WilsonRB08/07/2014is on injured reserveIRneck
Philadelphia Eagles
Earl WolffS11/18/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Todd HerremansG11/04/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
DeMeco RyansLB11/03/2014is on injured reserveIRAchillies
Nick FolesQB11/03/2014is expected to miss 6-8 weeksOutcollarbone
Allen BarbreT09/08/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Najee GoodeLB09/09/2014is on injured reserveIRpectoral
Travis LongLB08/31/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Trent ColeLB12/22/2014is doubtful for Sunday's game against the NY GiantsDoubtfulhand
San Francisco 49ers
Bruce EllingtonWR12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against ArizonaQuestionablehamstring
Brandon LloydWR12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against ArizonaQuestionablegroin
Leon McFaddenCB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against ArizonaQuestionablehip
Eric ReidS12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against ArizonaQuestionableconcussion
Michael CrabtreeWR12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against ArizonaQuestionableknee
Ahmad BrooksLB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against ArizonaQuestionablethumb
Garrett CelekTE12/17/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Stevie JohnsonWR12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against ArizonaQuestionableknee
Carlos HydeRB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against ArizonaQuestionableankle/back
Derek CarrierTE11/27/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Chris BorlandLB12/20/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Jimmie WardS11/15/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Tramaine BrockCB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against ArizonaQuestionablehamstring
Ian WilliamsNT11/17/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Daniel KilgoreC10/25/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Chris CookCB10/25/2014is on injured reserveIRhamstring
Patrick WillisLB11/11/2014is on injured reserveIRtoe
Vance McDonaldTE12/09/2014is on injured reserveIRback
Will TukuafuLB08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRconcussion
Kenneth AckerCB08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Kaleb RamseyDT08/26/2014is on the physically-unable-to-perform listPUPundisclosed
Trey MillardFB08/25/2014is on the non-football injury listOutknee
Chuck JacobsWR08/20/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Glenn DorseyDT12/13/2014is on injured reserveIRbiceps
Kendall HunterRB07/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
NaVorro BowmanLB12/13/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Brandon ThomasG08/25/2014is on the non-football injury listOutknee
Keith ReaserCB08/25/2014is on the non-football injury listOutknee
Seattle Seahawks
Tharold SimonCB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against St. LouisQuestionableshoulder
Cooper HelfetTE12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against St. LouisQuestionableribs
Jermaine KearseWR12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against St. LouisQuestionablehamstring
Tony MoeakiTE12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against St. LouisQuestionableshoulder
Russell OkungT12/15/2014is expected to miss 1-2 weeksOutchest/lung
Demarcus DobbsDE12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against St. LouisQuestionableankle
Max UngerC12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against St. LouisQuestionableankle/knee
Brandon MebaneDT11/11/2014is on injured reserveIRhamstring
Greg ScruggsDT11/05/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Stephen SchillingG11/08/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Cassius MarshDE10/18/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Zach MillerTE11/12/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
D'Anthony SmithDT08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRbiceps
Kevin Pierre-LouisLB11/28/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Lemuel JeanpierreC09/03/2014is on injured reserveIRneck
C.J. DavisG08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Heath FarwellLB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRgroin
Eric PinkinsCB08/26/2014is on the non-football injury listOutfoot
A.J. JeffersonCB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Jesse WilliamsDT08/01/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Taylor PriceWR07/29/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Derrick ColemanFB10/25/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Anthony McCoyTE07/31/2014is on injured reserveIRAchilles
St. Louis Rams
E.J. GainesCB12/22/2014is questionable for Sunday's game against SeattleQuestionableconcussion
Brian QuickWR10/27/2014is on injured reserveIRarm/shoulder
Brandon McGeeCB10/25/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Jake LongT10/28/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Demetrius RhaneyC08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Sam BradfordQB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Isaiah PeadRB08/22/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Mason BrodineTE08/12/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mason FosterLB12/22/2014will miss Sunday's game against New OrleansOutAchilles
Major WrightS12/20/2014is on injured reserveIRribs
Louis MurphyWR12/15/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Isaiah FreyCB12/22/2014is questionable Sunday's game against New OrleansQuestionableankle
Solomon PattonWR12/22/2014is questionable Sunday's game against New OrleansQuestionablefoot
Brandon MageeLB12/08/2014is on injured reserveIRpectoral
Austin Seferian-JenkinsTE12/15/2014is on injured reserveIRback
Gerald McCoyDT12/15/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Kadeem EdwardsG11/11/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Jorvorskie LaneFB11/24/2014is on injured reserveIRleg
Adrian ClaybornDE09/12/2014is on injured reserveIRelbow
Mike JenkinsCB09/10/2014is on injured reserveIRpectoral
Washington Redskins
Kedric GolstonDT12/21/2014is expected to miss 12/28 against DallasOutshoulder
Trent WilliamsT12/21/2014is questionable for 12/28 against DallasQuestionableshoulder
Trent MurphyLB12/21/2014is expected to miss 12/28 against DallasOuthand
Gabe MillerLB12/21/2014is questionable for 12/28 against DallasQuestionableankle
Morgan MosesT12/11/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Jason HatcherDE12/21/2014is questionable for 12/28 against DallasQuestionableknee
Colt McCoyQB12/16/2014is on injured reserveIRneck
Keenan RobinsonLB12/21/2014is questionable for 12/28 against DallasQuestionableknee
Brandon MeriweatherS12/19/2014is on injured reserveIRtoe
Adam HaywardLB11/24/2014is on injured reserveIRtibia
Tracy PorterCB11/26/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Brian OrakpoLB10/21/2014is on injured reserveIRpectoral
Akeem JordanLB10/18/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
DeAngelo HallCB09/22/2014is on injured reserveIRAchilles
Duke IhenachoS09/22/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Roy Helu Jr.RB12/21/2014is questionable for 12/28 against DallasQuestionabletoe
Chris NeildDT08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Jerry Rice Jr.WR08/02/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Courtney Bridget Jr.CB07/10/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Tanard JacksonS07/10/2014is suspended indefinitelySuspendeddisciplinary
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